About Us

IQRC (International Quality & Reliability Consultants) is an innovative training and consulting corporation established in 1988.

In today's demanding and competitive world, Total Quality Management is essential, not only for success, but for survival. It means more than meeting product "specs" or delivering a "good" service. It is the organization-wide focus on continual improvement of all processes, products and services to satisfy customer expectations.
This quality focused approach requires fundamental changes within the organization on how people think, work and interact with each other, with their suppliers, and with their customers - both inside and outside of the company. The old approach of responding to specific problems by "putting out fires," has to be changed to a new attitude. A new focus concentrating on problem prevention requires different behavioral skills. These skills are absolutely essential to make quality prevail every day, in every interaction, in every process, product and service, at all levels of the organization.
IQRC develops the individual and organizational potential to generate the ongoing, creative and practical solutions demanded in today's business environment.

IQRC-Pro is a Software Development Division of IQRC.

IQRC-Pro™ is an integrated Business Management and Compliance Software package. IQRC-Pro delivers innovative software solutions that reduce risks and costs, provides collaborative quality management environment and automated timely communication, while advances key process efficiencies.
We provide professional services, training and reliable technical support to ensure that IQRC-Pro is utilized to your maximum advantage.


IQRC provides:
  • A cost effective, value added approach
  • One-Stop-Shopping for tools
  • A complete package of systems and implementation solutions
  • Customization to our customer's specific requirements and expectations

For more information about IQRC products and services please contact us at  info@iqrc.com or 877-IQRC-Pro (477-2776). Outside US 1-973-328-7464

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